Writing fiction that helps one face danger, repair relationships, realize spiritual faith and physical passion can co-exist is the best job on earth. Plus, I get to work with wonderful creative people.

My heroine Lexi, A Deadly Provenance, is a strong woman even while being taunted by a husband and hunted down by unknown forces. Born and raised in the South, she followed her first husband to the NC Trade Center located in Düsseldorf and into circles rife with espionage. Danger sparks romance, however, the romances it sparked were not theirs together.

ADeadlyProvenance_FinalDraft5 (1)Lexi recovers from a traumatic breakup with her first husband, and leaves him to fall into the arms of a German/Russian émigré who leads his business forward from his castle, Schloss Enzian, in lower Bavaria. Thrown together at trade center meetings, their relationship grows, and a romantic interest is engendered. Their love triumphs over the pain caused by Lexi’s former husband and his in-her-face philandering.

Fasten your seat belts. A Deadly Provenance is ripe with danger, suspense, secrets, ancient artifacts, exotic settings and Orthodox faith. Resurgent forces of a Nazi past enter the new couple’s present life and propel this cast of extraordinary characters along a trajectory to international discovery and individual death knells, all from a castle in Europe where the heroine speaks limited German and rubs her in-laws the wrong way. Fly to the future into arenas of ultimate choices with Lexi and watch a millennium’s secrets unfold.

Walk as far as you can with Lexi until a tragedy strikes at her and her new husband betrays her, as well. How will she respond in the face of this and the new dangers due to her altered state of body and mind? What will she do and how will she leverage her considerable arts presence on the world scene? How heavily can she rely on German friendships, her husband Jon’s children–especially when their inheritance is at stake? Can she even hope her condition will change? And this jewelry of Jon’s, a piece of which he impulsively gifted her to the consternation and jealousy of all of Jon’s extended family—where does it come from—and who will ultimately own it?

A swarm of international forces gathers like a beehive around Lexi and Jon. We can only hope that instead of death’s stings, the bees will leave honey.

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