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Stuart Peregoy paints warm underpainting in adult art class

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Friends and family say, “You are so talented.” Do you sit down and take a bow? Or race to an art teacher to develop this talent? Do you teach yourself or hire an expert?

Always think levels in training. “Everything I know in art I learned in kindergarten” does not work. If you want to improve, take it to the next level. Find a teacher with credentials AND experience. Build on a solid base: your talent, skill of both teacher and student, plus an expert’s input. Increase your competence level. Don’t rely on flair and originality alone, or on luck. Do you recognize a masterpiece? Can you spot skill levels? Do you know excellent drawing and painting techniques when you see them? There’s craft, beginner, good, Sunday painter, and pro. If you can see levels, you  are ready to hire a master artist to teach, coach, and mentor you to visibly superior art. At Art on Broad Atelier (j’Originals’), the teacher is sensitive to wishes, sjoannatyles, and subjects.


Trained in Germany in the techniques of the Old Masters from those who became masters, refreshed by masters, Joanna McKethan upholds the atelier tradition of Old Masters’ curriculum within the STUDIO ART program for those interested in having their  work stand out in a savvy art market!


Allison Coleman's Dreadlocks, 558286_605927786125947_1703661042_nOn the right is an oil painting by Allison Coleman, an adult student and practising artist. The group of drawing works by Hannah at the bottom of theHannah_Holmes,_IMG_8451 page were done in STUDIO ART classes for the AP/Drawing program connected with the schools. She finished 24  pieces in her senior year of school.

The MASTER CLASS program must meet these criteria.


1-Portfolio Presentation, recommendation for entrance, 2-Biological Age of 13 – 18 or Adult, 3-Must complete specific assignments during year, 4Must sign up/commit to an entire semester at a time, 5-Receives an extra hour per month which includes grading, consultation, re-direction; outside course input (Old Master’s from DVD’s), 6-Buy an assigned art book. 



What are they like; how do they differ from the regular annual STUDIO ART? In STUDIO ART, you paint your choice at your speed. Enrollment in the Master’s program includes assigned  projects:

1-Pencil drawing, modeling self-portrait, egg, sphere, 2-Drawing and shading, 3-Dimensional bust, 4-A charcoal and white pastel drawing on toned paper,  5-A pencil gesture drawing with conté, 6-A copy of an Old Master’s drawing (or in style of),  7-Painting in Old Master’s style face, seascape, still’s, 8-Pen-and-ink drawing, 9-A black wash of a figurative sketch, 10-Nine-ten quick figure drawings of a clad model

Enter the Masterclass by presenting a portfolio of 10-20 art works accompanied by a written student statement of intent: why they wish to enter, what they hope to achieve. Students must be biologically 12 years of age or older. Study at j’Originals, Art Studio is the best basis for performance, but students transfer from elsewhere. In all cases, the decision of Joanna McKethan, owner & teacher at Art on Broad is final. Art on Broad, A Classical Atelier, bases its curriculum on a revival of realism across the country devoted to skill-based techniques. These ateliers follow time-proven techniques of the Old Masters. Upon registering, the student will receive one printed sample of several Old Master’s with an example of their work. From this, the student will choose two masters to emulate by exact copying or by assuming the style of the master chosen—one drawing, one painting. Painting ‘in the style of’ requires discipline and broadens the student’s range of master techniques. Paintings may be substituted. Consultation and written approval required. Quality results are important. ‘Good’ in Studio Art application may be only ‘passable’ in Masterclass. Judged on media quality, composition, contrast, build-up, texture; line, brush stroke, and paint. MasterClass equals college level. The push to mastery is limited only by student’s ability to incorporate constructive suggestions, criticisms, and evolve a process from idea to product. The MasterClass explores grounds, tools, concept, media, design and composition. Elements of art are fundamental, should have been mastered. Prerequisites: 1.Some Mastery in drawing, wielding drawing tools, 2.Evidence of understanding light-dark formation of image, 3.Distinguishing color variations, 4.Basic color mixing knowledge, 5.Having new ideas, using elements in innovative ways, 6.Varied subject matter, 7.Mastery conceptualizing, follow-through. If following the AP Drawing™ or painting programs, contact the studio for how to pursue this venue—which dovetails with the studio’s.

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