Acrylic Painting Techniques: Made Easier

This free ebook is a must have to answer those nagging questions you have! Acrylic painting is a love that you will never lose, but I understand that the questions you have about getting started are the same as the hundreds of students I have helped to master this art form. Whether you want to enjoy your spare time painting with acrylics or you have that burning desire to learn -master and sell your work! Then you have the perfect starting point, Right Here.

Acrylic Painting Techniques: Easy(ier), is Free and it is my gift to you by simply entering your email below. You will learn the following answers, as well as so much more. I am providing for a “limited time” more answers, gifts, and special live events, (Yes a Q&A) only available to those who have requested and downloaded my eBook.

  • Is there an ‘a-b-c’ to mixing colors?.
  • What Is Great About Acrylic Painting Compared To Other Types?
  • Learn What Brand Does or Doesn’t Make A Differnce and What Other Supplies Are Needed.
  • Does The Thickness of The Brush Makes A Difference? – What Is Paint Thickness?
  • Colors Are a Complex Issue, How Much Color Help Is Really Needed?
  • Ifbeauty is in the eye of the beholder,” then so is art. As a private studio instructor and owner for 35 years, I have seen, encouraged, and taught many hundreds of students. Each has the fingerprint of an artist in his own right. I love to nurture raw talent. I love to help those motivated to learn the techniques that make his or her ability shine. I love to show budding artists how to turn a flat face into a 3-dimensional sculpture by using grey scale or well-blended color, #in purity and in shadows.  Jo

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