artonbrdcolor02copyWelcome–Enter our realm–browse around. Make yourself comfortable, read an article on an art show, how-to-tips on painting. Discover the inspiration for creating a particular work of art. Sample an excerpt from a book–one set in  Estonia, Southern Germany (Bavaria) or the NC Sandhills. Check out student pictures, download a registration.

“Travel” with the artist to the National Gallery of Art to study Peter Paul Rubens’ Daniel in the Lions’ Den (December 2013) in order to paint it for a client, or view portraits encouraged by masters from the Portrait Society of America. Share photographs of a paint-out. Refresh your contacts. Stay current on everyday concerns of an artist–portraits, signature watercolor status, oil painting. Broaden your firsthand knowledge of the art scene. The artist likes to keep her finger on the pulse of local, regional, and international events, and sometimes succeeds.


Here, the art world is combined with the literary world, in books and blog. Literary secrets include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and settings go around the world. The author is currently wrapping up her work-in-progress set in Scotland, STONE OF HER DESTINY. Secret societies and conspiracy add stimulation to a story. Famous sites, art relics and ancient treasures (real or conjured) spice up the action and add purpose to the romance. Family connections and genealogies form part of the story in writing as well as painting. Letters are part of still lifes. An underlying premise of the importance of art in creativity and the freedom of the human spirit lies behind everything.

Parents and educators, bone up on skill-based art. Find out about the exciting Atelier movement sweeping the USA in the wake of abstraction and creativity as sole motivators for artistic expressionism. Realism, figurative, classical art, is now a happening thing. Know what sight-size means, and how to use a proportional and layerist technique like Rembrandt’s in order to approximate a contemporary Old Master painting. Thousands of students have learned 3-dimensional realism and modeling from this teacher of 33 years. An expanded approach to realism, using underpainting, often grisailles, is studio practice. Portraits incorporate layering techniques using models, along with photographic support and interpretation.

Enjoy yourself. Send questions, interact. When things are busy, the answers might make an article.

“The woman who taught me everything I know about painting and the one who got me into oils in the first place, the amazingly talented Joanna McKethan will be joining me in entering the PSA Competition…”  Allison

“I can’t say enough about Joanna McKethan, and j’Originals. I have had the pleasure over many years in business of being acquainted with this fine woman of God. Please visit her web site; I have had firsthand experience of seeing many of these fine paintings started, finished, and framed. If I could own each and every one and have a place to hang them that would do the artist proud, I would.”–Elizabeth

“We own several of Jo’s art works and they are cherished in our household. This web site is First class and I would not hesitate to purchase any service or product that she offers.”–Rick

Joanna is truly a master of her craft. From writing to painting, she amazes me. We own several of her works and can’t recommend her enough to everyone we meet who is looking for a portrait or family portrait.

Jim & Tina

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